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From early 2017 I’m moving (back!) to Auckland, New Zealand. I’ll be here for a minimum of three years, while completing graduate studies in Psychotherapy.

As I set myself up in the city, I’ll be looking for opportunities to teach, facilitate, write and collaborate! Get in touch if you’re looking for a facilitator, if you have an idea for a project, or if you’re looking for someone to do some writing.

For an idea of my breadth of experience, read below. To find out about specific workshops or classes I’ve already offered, take a look here.

What roles have I held?

  • a sex educator. I’ve volunteered with Planned Parenthood Toronto and The Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto to deliver workshops and peer support on sex and relationships. I love this work.
  • a yoga teacher. My practice emphasizes functional, pleasurable movement, a connection with your source of energy and perceiving feelings in the body. I teach within an anti-oppressive, trauma aware framework.
  • a crisis counsellor. I volunteer at Toronto Rape Crisis / Multicultural Woman Against Rape as a trauma counsellor and survivor advocate. I’ve talked about sexual violence against women at spoken word events, in parliamentary select committees, in workshops, at the gym, on the bus…
  • a tantric practitioner. I’m a huge fan of eye-gazing (the “tantric speed dating!”), syncing breath and seeing the possibility and potential in every feeling, every connection. I facilitate workshops for community groups, at events and festivals.
  • a community organizer and leadership development coach. I’ve worked for unions in New Zealand and Canada for the last 5 years. I’m passionate about workers’ rights, and absolutely believe in the power of the collective. I’ve co-founded the Toronto hub of Sex Geekdom International, creating collaborative space for Sex Geeks worldwide!

Qualifications, Courses and Training


  • 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher: Kula Annex Yoga, Toronto, 2014.
  • Trauma Aware Yoga for Youth training (weekend workshop): New Leaf Yoga Foundation, Toronto, 2015.
  • Group Fitness Instructor certificate: YMCA GTA, Toronto, 2015.
  • 150hr Agama Yoga Level One (tantra specialization): Hridaya Yoga, Mexico, 2012.


  • Sex and Relationship Education training (specialization in newcomer youth): Planned Parenthood Toronto, 2014.
  • Crisis Training for Survivors of Sexual Violence: Toronto Rape Crisis/Multicultural Women Against Rape, 2014.


  • Facilitating Effective Meetings: St Stephen’s Community House, Toronto, 2016.
  • Conflict Resolution for Groups: St Stephen’s Community House, Toronto, 2015.
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Non-Profit Leadership Development: Tocker Associates Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand 2013.
  • Social Activist Training and Development: Kotare Trust, Auckland, New Zealand 2013.
  • Skills of Organizing: Australian Council of Trade Unions, Melbourne, 2011.


  • Bachelor of Performing Arts with Honours (First Class). Thesis topic: using drama to facilitate classroom and professional learning. University of Otago, New Zealand. December 2009. 
  • TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Specializing in Teaching Adults English, Teaching Adolescents English, Tutoring English. Global TESOL College, New Zealand. 2011