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Here is an overview of workshops I’ve designed and facilitated. I’m relocating to Auckland, New Zealand in early 2017 and am looking for opportunities to grow my repertoire and collaborate with other educators.

Please feel free to get in touch to request a workshop, and talk about my rates or trades!

Sex Education, Movement and Connection Workshops

Breathe, Move, Connect. I designed this workshop to support participants to connect with their bodies, their breath and their partners through sensual (but not sexual!) exercises exclusive of gender, orientation, trauma-background, race and ability. Largely based on the Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra work, you can read about what a typical “Breathe, Move, Connect” looks like here. I taught this as a monthly series at the University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre, 2015/16, and at Blue Skies Folk Festival near Ottawa in summer 2016.

Yoga for SurvivorsYoga for Survivors. I teach this as a 4 to 8 week series for people who have survived experiences of sexual violence. Using a trauma-informed framework from my training with Toronto non-profit New Leaf Yoga, I guide participants through a gentle series of yoga poses, restorative and resting poses and breathing exercises. I emphasize participants choice and boundaries, and support them to connect with their bodies as much as feels safe. I teach this series as a Pay What You Can drop-in at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre.

Power and Privilege in Interracial Relationships. I co-facilitated this workshop with sex educator Mary Getachew. It was part of a drop-in on sexual health for newcomer youth at the 519 Community Centre in Toronto in 2015. In this 3 hour workshop we talked about how we can become more aware and conscious of dynamics of power and privilege within interracial relationships. We created scenarios with characters of various levels of intersecting privilege and oppression and guided workshop participants through a process of reflecting on their own experiences of privilege, power and oppression.

Sexual Consent and Healthy Boundaries for Teens. I’ve offered this workshop to different groups of youth around inner city Toronto, hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association, the 519 Community Centre, Access Alliance and the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture. The format has changed for each audience, but all the workshops feature different activities, scenarios and games to provoke discussion amongst participants on consent and boundaries in family, friends, sexual and romantic relationships.

Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and Community Organizing Workshops

Organizing 101 Series. As a long-time union organizer and strategic planning nerd, I’ve been facilitating workshops with union leadership in New Zealand and Canada since 2010. One of my most popular series is Organizing 101, offered as a series, or as one-off workshops with executive boards, stewards, member activists or union staff.

  • Choosing an Issue. In this practical workshop, I teach participants how to choose effective issues that will build organizational and leadership capacity, using the framework from the Midwest Academy Manual, Organizing for Social Change.
  • Having one-on-one conversations and overcoming objections. I teach the frameworks AHA (Anger, Hope, Action) and EEE (Explore, Equalize, Educate) to help union members have effective organizing conversations that lead to action! In this workshop I focus on issues relevant to the organization, and participants leave with an action plan for their workplace.
  • Developing a short and long-term strategy. I combine my love of honest conversations about feelings, empathic listening and clearly defined goals to facilitate teams through the sometimes mind-boggling and stressful process of developing strategy. I’ve worked to develop entire organizational strategy, to strategy for a round of collective bargaining, a one-time event or action.

Coaching for Leadership Development. In this workshop I teach the simple GROW coaching model for people who are looking to develop leadership skills within themselves, or if they are in roles where they need to coach others to become leaders. Participatory and self-reflective, participants leave with an action plan and lots of resources!

Using Drama to Problem Solve. Using research from my undergraduate thesis on Mantle of the Expert, a style of drama-based education where participants step into the role as experts, I skilfully coach teams through problem solving or brainstorming tough issues. These sessions work well with issues that people are stuck on, or can’t seem to find a way out. Mantle of the Expert sessions are fun, shake up routines, counter burn out and build relationships between colleagues!




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