Sex Geekdom Toronto

Community and connection for sex geeks. We love empathy, social justice, and consensual hugs.


Sex Geekdom is a global community for people who love having geeky conversations about sex. It was started by NYC based sex educator Kate McCombs, and has since grown hubs all over North America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Sex Geekdom hubs provide a regular opportunity for like-minded people to find safe space and community.

I co-founded Sex Geekdom Toronto in November 2014. We’re a community of sex educators, activists, therapists, thinkers, workers, students, geeks and generally curious people!

We get together bi-monthly and have discussions on topics like sex and entrepreneurship, power dynamics in radicalized communities, politics of consent and skill sharing! We’re incredibly welcoming, and our doors are open to anyone else who sees themselves as a part of Sex Geekdom.

We’re on Facebook: Sex Geekdom Toronto

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