Media + Praise


  • Review of a tantric yoga workshop I facilitated at the University of Toronto, as part of January 2015 Sexual Awareness Week. Featured in the student newspaper, The Varsity.

Huxtable created a calm and supportive environment […] Her expertise in all things sexy-yoga also made for an academically enriching experience.

  • Interview about yoga, sex and Sex Geekdom Toronto with Sophie Delancey on Sex City Radio, CIUT 89.5, September 15.
  • Published in Self Care for Skeptics Zine, July 2015, writing about (you guessed it!) yoga, sex and dance. Curated by Lauren Fournier.


“Being part of one of Cordelia’s workshops was magical. She created a space that was safe for vulnerability in a way that seemed so natural that I was at ease the whole time.” Liz Andrade (Sex-positive designer and Sex Geekdom Emissary. Seattle, US.)

“Cordelia is a gifted facilitator. Her workshop was an incredible and powerful experience. I went into the workshop a bit apprehensive, but the entire workshop was amazing.” Tori Renaud (Sex educator, intimacy consultant and Sex Geekdom Emissary. Ann Arbor, US).

“Cordelia has shown me that I have the ability to face my issues and work through them, and that I’ll be ok. She is one of the most caring, committed, and determined people I know. Her open mind creates a safe space to talk about issues and internal conflicts, while her use of open questions allows me to make informed, well thought through decisions, without feeling as though she’s just espousing her opinions.” Caitlin Dunham (Organizer, feminist, blogger. London, UK).

“Cordelia creates an intimate, comfortable space for the vulnerability necessary for tantra. I often have trouble opening up to people, and am a generally awkward person, but I ended up melting into the room while she guided us. I’ve never felt more disconnected from my hangups, and I still carry a little bit of that with me two months later.” Kenton Robert (Sex toy maker, researcher and sex geekdom emissary. Washington DC, US).

“Cordelia is a thoughtful and responsive facilitator, but more than that, her kindness and open attitude really help people tap into their vulnerable and deeper selves, which I think really brings out something beautiful in those with whom she works. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her for sometime now, and count myself all the more fortunate for our connection.” (Stephen Biggs, Registered Psychotherapist. Toronto, Canada).