A Foray into Burlesque (Or, How Quickly Can I Take My Clothes Off?)

I love burlesque. I love the shows, the dancers, the atmosphere. I love the bodies, with firm and jiggly flesh, curves of hidden breast, vaudeville expressions and the whoops from the crowd.

I would go to shows and always think: I can do that. I WANT to do that. I wanted to have the eyes on me, I wanted to be the character, the seductress.

So, a couple of months ago I decided to take myself up on that and give it a try. Continue reading “A Foray into Burlesque (Or, How Quickly Can I Take My Clothes Off?)”


Dancing With The Beach. A sensory field trip to The Catlins, New Zealand.

wild catlins
Curio Bay. The Catlins.

Age: 21. In my final year at Otago University, New Zealand I participated in a dance field trip to the wild and remote Catlins, located on the south east corner of the South Island. If you travelled in a straight line, across the choppy Pacific Ocean, you’d bang straight into Antarctica.

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Fall in the Pacific Northwest: On the Road in 2012

This is an excerpt from my travel journal. In 2012 I took a year of leave from my union job in New Zealand and spent 12 months travelling solo around Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada and the US. In October I travelled through Seattle, Portland and San Francisco…

Seattle passed in a blur of dancing and dubstep. Syncopated bass in my hostel dorm room, carefully applying eye liner, hair in bunches, tapping parts of my body to the dissonant beat. It’s lunchtime and I’m getting ready to go to a boat party, where I will dance for 3 hours while cruising around Lake Washington. Continue reading “Fall in the Pacific Northwest: On the Road in 2012”

We’re all going to die and that’s certain.

I’m in the middle of the moonlit Pacific Ocean, about 6 hours from Auckland, another 6 to Vancouver. We’re at the level of the clouds, looming silvery and puffy over a calm sea. From my rectangle window I see the plane wing, blinking and illuminating the Air New Zealand koru in 2 second blips. I see stars, glowing and endless, galaxies spinning away from me, time and matter rippling and bursting and dying and all we see is their light, centuries later. Continue reading “We’re all going to die and that’s certain.”