Areas of Practice

I’m trained and experienced in supporting clients feeling anxious, depressed, in crisis, going through a life transition and/or stuck. In addition, here are a few areas I have an affinity for.



I help clients feel into and explore their sexuality and sexual identity, as well as offering support for those looking to expand their communication skills. Grounded in sex-positivity, I have experience working with clients across the sexual spectrum, from heterosexual to queer folks, BDSMers, and non-monogamous ways of expressing sexuality.

Abuse and Interpersonal Trauma

With six years experience as a counsellor at anti-sexual violence organisations in Canada and New Zealand, I am deeply committed to supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault. My approach is survivor-centric, trauma-informed and feminist, and I have a nuanced understanding of the shame, grief and self-blame survivors may feel.

Emotional First-Aid for Activists

I am passionate about supporting activists and those within social justice, labour, anti-racism, climate and Indigenous rights movements. I know that caring enough to take action requires a big, sensitive heart, and that this can feel exhausting and demoralising when the fight is large and the wins are infrequent. I hold a strong optimism that things can get better, alongside a pragmatism of how difficult it can be to get there. I’ll help you explore the emotional impact of activism and offer strategies to live with hope and sensitivity in ways that don’t burn you out.

Grief and Loss

Pain and grief are part of life, of deeply loving people, animals and places dear to us. Eco-anxiety and eco-grief is real. As a witness and companion in your grief, I work alongside you to reduce your suffering, holding space for you to mourn what you’ve lost without trying to fix or solve your feelings.

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