Easing Eco-Anxiety

Starting Monday 27th February 2023


Join Registered Psychotherapist Cordelia Huxtable and artist Marjan Verstappen in a six-session course that aims to ease the intensity of eco-anxiety/grief through therapeutic conversation and watercolour painting. Drawing on The Work That Reconnects, this series will support you to honour your pain for the world, express gratitude and explore new ways forward.

At the end of our time together you’ll have a higher awareness of plant life cycles happening right outside your door. You’ll experience empathy and validation from others in your community. You’ll have a deeper knowledge of artistic materials and techniques that can help you connect ecology with emotion. Concurrently, you’ll process your climate crisis feelings and develop coping strategies for continuing emotional resilience.

Is this for me?

Eco-anxiety, eco-grief, solastalgia; these are all words to describe the immense psychological challenge of trying to keep our eyes and hearts wide open to ecological catastrophe facing us. This can manifest as feelings of anxiety, grief, fear, numbness or lack of feeling, burn-out, helplessness and loneliness. Connection to your community, your emotions and your local environment is a powerful antidote to eco-anxiety.

I’m not an activist. Is this course for me?
Most definitely! You don’t have to be involved in front-line climate activism to have feelings about climate change and experience numbness, overwhelm or helplessness. This is a very human response to a planetary wide disaster, and our course is the place to work through and share some of those feelings.

I’m not an artist. Is this course for me? Absolutely! We welcome a wide variety of art levels, from beginner to experienced. The techniques taught will help everyone find peace and clarity through drawing and painting local plants.


Marjan and Cordelia are sisters, born in Aotearoa New Zealand. We made Canada our home in 2014 and now live and work in Parkdale, Toronto.

Cordelia Huxtable (M.Psyc, G. Dip. Psyc, BAHons) is a Registered Psychotherapist practising relational, trauma-informed and somatic psychotherapy. She helps people form a deeper relationship with themselves, each other and their environment.

Marjan Verstappen (MFA, BFA) is a visual artist and art educator. She facilitates workshops that are focused on developing drawing skills as a meditative practice, something that she is dedicated to in her own artistic work. In her teaching, she loves to share her enthusiasm for the beauty in everyday life, and strives to help her students discover it through their art. She can be found leading community arts experiences for STEPS Initiative, Arts Etobicoke, Toronto Alzheimer’s Society, and Workman Arts.


Location: The Railpath Arts Centre, Roncesvalles, Toronto.

Dates: 6:30pm-8:30pm, from Monday 27 February to Monday 3 April 2023

Course price*: Information coming Dec 2023.

*If you have insurance benefits that cover services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, this may cover the cost of the course. Please email for more information.

Payment and registration

How do I sign up?
Here! Questions? Email us!

Full payment by e-transfer is required at time of registration. In the effort to create and maintain a supportive group atmosphere, participants are encouraged to attend all 3 sessions and drop-ins or one-off class attendance is not allowed.

If you sign up to the course and realise it’s not for you, no big deal. We offer 50% refunds for participants wishing to withdraw after the first week. Participants who want to withdraw after the second week will not receive a refund.