Couples Therapy Group

Optimizing Sexual Experiences

8 week group, beginning April 2023

Do you and your partner(s) experience low or no desire? Or does one of you feel like sex more than the other? If you are ready to embark on a journey to enhance your sexual experiences and relationships, join myself and Registered Psychotherapist Stephen Biggs for 16 hours of online couples group therapy. Limit of 4 to 6 couples per group.

The content of the group is based on the work of the Optimal Sexual Experiences Research Team at the University of Ottawa. The groups are part of a study on the effectiveness of group therapy in enhancing sexual relationships. Your participation in the research project (which is optional) consists of completing questionnaires at multiple time points.

Their research (published in the book, Magnificent Sex) is the largest, in-depth interview study ever conducted with people who have extraordinary sex. In the Optimising Sexual Experiences Group, we have gathered the nuggets for remarkable sex from the experts and distilled them into an attainable blueprint for ordinary lovers who want to make erotic intimacy grow over the course of a lifetime.

Is this for me?

We welcome relationships across the sexuality and gender spectrum, including polycules; vanilla and kinky; and folks who have been in a relationship from a few months to a lifetime.


Cordelia Huxtable (M.Psyc, G. Dip. Psyc, RP) is a registered psychotherapist with a private practice in Toronto. She draws extensively on her background in sex education, mindfulness, dance and yoga to help people form a deeper relationship with themselves, each other and their environment.

Stephen Biggs (MA, RP) is a Registered Psychotherapist with nearly three decades of experience doing individual, group and relationship counselling. He works in Toronto at a large urban hospital and has a busy private practice. He specializes in therapy focused on relationships and sexuality.

Location: Online, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Dates: beginning April 2023 (dates and times to be decided by group participants)

Course price*: Between $670 – $1000 per couple (dependant on number of participants)

*If you have insurance benefits that cover services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, this may partially or fully cover the cost of the group.

Payment and registration

How do I sign up?
Email me!

Full payment by e-transfer is required at time of registration. In the effort to create and maintain a supportive group atmosphere, participants are encouraged to attend all 8 sessions and drop-ins or one-off class attendance is not allowed.