Four Tips for Self-Loving to Guarantee Great Sex!

Now I’ve got your attention with the most Cosmo-esque title I can think of, this column is about love. When (if!) you decide to open up your own sexy bubble and include someone else in it (maybe you’re tindering/grindering/texting someone, pashing a stranger on a Saturday night, or bringing up a new sex idea in a long term relationship) start from a place of love. Continue reading “Four Tips for Self-Loving to Guarantee Great Sex!”


Fucking Shopping: A Guide to Buying Sex Toys

sex toy gifAbout 10 years ago, when I was living and studying in Dunedin, my flatmates and I decided it was time to go and buy our first sex toys. Our closest (and probably only) sex store was Peaches and Cream. We hovered outside for a few moments, before pushing past the R18 sign into the store. We were guided by a wonderfully open assistant, dressed in a kilt and black leather corset, through the aisles of costumes, porn and giant dildos to the vibrator section. Continue reading “Fucking Shopping: A Guide to Buying Sex Toys”

What Are You Ashamed Of?

“OOOOOH! SHAAAAAMEEEE!” echoes around kiwi schools, kids putting down kids as they give the wrong (or right) answer in the classroom, drop the ball on the rugby pitch or receive an award at assembly.

What kid hasn’t felt that feeling? Hot face, sweat prickling palms, armpits, lower back. Stomach caving in, words stuck, body frozen. Continue reading “What Are You Ashamed Of?”

Go Fuck Yourself

This column was originally published in AUT University’s Debate magazine (issue 3, 27 March 2017) and is the first of a bi-weekly sex column written by moi.  

“Sex positivity is an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation.” (Cheers, Wikipedia). Continue reading “Go Fuck Yourself”

A Foray into Burlesque (Or, How Quickly Can I Take My Clothes Off?)

I love burlesque. I love the shows, the dancers, the atmosphere. I love the bodies, with firm and jiggly flesh, curves of hidden breast, vaudeville expressions and the whoops from the crowd.

I would go to shows and always think: I can do that. I WANT to do that. I wanted to have the eyes on me, I wanted to be the character, the seductress.

So, a couple of months ago I decided to take myself up on that and give it a try. Continue reading “A Foray into Burlesque (Or, How Quickly Can I Take My Clothes Off?)”

Dancing With The Beach. A sensory field trip to The Catlins, New Zealand.

wild catlins
Curio Bay. The Catlins.

Age: 21. In my final year at Otago University, New Zealand I participated in a dance field trip to the wild and remote Catlins, located on the south east corner of the South Island. If you travelled in a straight line, across the choppy Pacific Ocean, you’d bang straight into Antarctica.

Continue reading “Dancing With The Beach. A sensory field trip to The Catlins, New Zealand.”